Mastering EKG Practice: Expert-Led Training and Insights

Mastering EKG practice requires a deep understanding of the underlying principles, expert strategies, and nuanced techniques. To achieve this level of proficiency, healthcare professionals can benefit from expert-led training and insights. Here are some of the top resources for mastering EKG practice:


Medmastery offers a comprehensive ECG course that takes students from amateur level through to total mastery. The course structure is logical, and the content is concise, getting to the core of essential knowledge. Medmastery offers three separate ECG courses, each designed to build on the previous one. The courses are accredited with CME points and offer a breadth of learning from basic to advanced, applicable to a wide range of healthcare providers.

ECG Weekly

ECG Weekly is a case-based ECG educational tool that provides regular, useful, contextual in-line learning in a video-based format. The educational team is led by Amal Mattu, a tenured professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, and Ali Farzad, an emergency physician at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. The weekly ECG cases are augmented by video explanations or “ECG Workouts” with key teaching points and references in easily digestible bullet-point format.

ECG Academy

ECG Academy is a resource for anyone looking to up their ekg practice game. The site offers three levels of courses, incrementally increasing the learners knowledge base and allowing them to progress to the next learning tier. With over 60 hours of ECG education offered across all three tiers, learners have the option to start with the basics or shoot straight through to the most advanced level. In addition to the three ECG courses, Dr Tullo also provides weekly ChalkTalks, which are 5-6 minute “how to” video tutorials based on a single rhythm strip or 12-lead ECG.

BMJ Learning

BMJ Learning offers a peer-reviewed ECG course that covers basic interpretation and abnormalities of clinical significance. The course offers 16 modules of increasing difficulty with a huge amount of information crammed into the 14 hours and 30 minutes of the course. BMJ Learning courses are accredited for CME/CPD by colleges, associations, and authorities from around the world.

ECG Waves

ECG Waves offers a Clinical ECG Interpretation course centered around the ECG interpretation book of Dr Araz Rawshani. The course offers videos to supplement the textbook content. The content is comprehensive and covers a wide range of topics related to ECG interpretation.

Simple Education

Simple Education offers an Essential Guide to electrocardiogram (ECG) interpretation. The course is designed to give doctors a solid background in ECG interpretation. With case examples and over 3 hours of video content, this course is an excellent resource for healthcare professionals looking to master ECG interpretation.


Expert-led training and insights are essential for mastering EKG practice. By utilizing these top resources, healthcare professionals can enhance their EKG practice, providing more accurate diagnoses and better patient outcomes. Whether you’re a seasoned healthcare professional or just starting your career, incorporating these expert-led training and insights into your EKG practice will help you unlock your full potential and provide exceptional patient care.

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